Web development

The main reason I’m running this website is to keep up to date with technology and evolve my web development skills, which I barely have, by the way. This is why I use WordPress, which is fantastic for rapid development and building MVPs.

Besides, I’m interested in Blockchain and NFT technologies. For learning I started a tiny collection by myself: Check out the showcase on OpenSea:


I love product design. It’s the key factor to create successful products competing on the marked. Working with Shapr3D now, I’m experienced in other tools like Autodesk Inventor.

Gadget series
Development of professional tools for serving and cooking. Ergonomic handle with option to hang and non-slip guard. Made of one piece stainless steel sheet.

Cruet series
Modular system for different catering purposes, like coffee & tea, salad or general food. Made of stainless steel or plastics.

Side Hustle

bringing skiing back to the roots – selling sustainable premium wooden skis

Great product, great business case, but I f***** up.

Lessons learned:
1. Focus – too much side activities: Vision first!
2. Advertising is an investment – you can’t safe money: Budget required!
3. Finally, how to run a business in Germany in general.